A collaboration of the Arts, philosophy, law and justice, Kensington Galleries facilitates access to thought-provoking concepts through visual, audio and literary arts; legal thoughts and philosophy. Online galleries promote access to justice (Justice4All regardless of background) and thought-provoking visual exhibition such as Charles Gore's Talking Art which explores Art's relationship with space and viewers. Kensington Galleries was established to inspire. It promotes Arts in unconventional spaces and spreads awareness of access to justice.  Exhibition spaces have included: Homebase Kensington, London  and Think-Apartments, Earl’s Court, London.      

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Exhibitions: Talking Art, for review click here; Paintings beyond the birth (group) - 4 Artists @ Christmas...;  Arts in Unconventional Spaces Roadshow  Kensington and Chelsea Roadshow   Youtube/The talkingart video               Behind the scenes    Artist       Gore Art    Gore Arts Gallery   www.twitter.com/ksingtongallery                


         Access to Justice links: Kensington Chambers         Justice4All        www.twitter.com/PublicAccess

                                                        Contact: kensingtongallery@btinternet.com