Our aim is to make Art more accessible by taking Art to the people. We exhibit in people’s immediate environment  by collaborating with local businesses, corporate bodies, educational institutions, government bodies, traditional Art institutions and galleries.

 We specialise in reaching the sections of the populace who for differing reasons have not had real opportunity to view Art in their immediate environment or who for differing reasons are not regular visitors to traditional Art galleries. Click for Kensington and Chelsea Road show.

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Our success is not measured by how many Art works we sell, but by how many people our exhibitions inspire to think about Art or to think about Art in a way they have never done before. Click here for Review.         



 Our sponsors  include local businesses inspired to support our vision of bringing Art to the people. We are keen to hear from potential sponsors. Geographical boundary is no barrier and if you would like more information on Talking Art and sponsorship please contact us at



Talking Art is educational and can be adapted to meet the requirement of all levels of primary, secondary and higher education. Talking Art is particularly relevant to Art, Music and philosophy studies in mainstream institutions as well as other places of learning. Talking Art is also suitable for in-house corporate training. If you would like the road show to stop at your institution or organisation; or for more information on our educational package please contact us on


We take Art to people’s doorstep and encourage them to participate. Established Art patrons, critics, Art lovers and non-regular visitors to traditional galleries enjoy viewing Art in these venues.  

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To be invited to our private view and future events, please add your name to our mailing list by writing to



KENSINGTON GALLERIES is collaborating with local businesses to bring Art to people’s immediate environment. Its road show Art in Unconventional Spaces- A tour of  Kensington and Chelsea highlights Kensington and Chelsea local businesses’ commitment to the promotion of Art in their immediate environment. The participating businesses include THINK EARL’S COURT and HOMEBASE KENSINGTON. The road show also celebrates a local artist, Charles Gore. Charles Gore was born in Earls Court and continues to live in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. He is the first artist to exhibit in THINK EARL’S COURT, a new building at 181 Warwick Road, London W14 8PU. The works of Charles Gore were also exhibited in HOMEBASE KENSINGTON, the first stop of the road show.  For more information please contact


Current exhibition Talking Art.  Kensington and Chelsea Road show

Watch this space for future events.

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